Sports Nutrition

Finding the best sources for Sports Nutrition education can be a difficult task. This page attempts to make that task a little easier by pinpointing the sources of information that I have found most useful. I review each source to enable the reader to choose what is appropriate for their learning needs.


Optimum Sports Nutrition by Dr Michael Colgan - This book, written in 1993 covers all the main nutrients and their use for sports people. It has a slight bias towards body building, but includes information for power and endurance athletes also. Sections on ergogenics (legal performance enhancing substances) as well as drugs (illegal performance enhancing substances) are informative. He also includes a section called anabolics which concentrates on his formula for legally building the most muscular frame possible. This section is still of interest to all types of sportspeople as it does pinpoint ways in which strength can be optimised.

Sports Nutrition by Anita Bean - This book, first written in 1993 has been regularly updated since. It covers all the main nutrients and their relevance to the sportsman. Weight management is put under the spotlight as well as eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. She finishes with a section containing recipes. This book is higher level than many others, but acts as a good introduction for those new to the subject. 

Sports Nutrition Guidebook by Nancy Clarke - This book last updated in 2008 gives a comprehensive account of sports nutrition.


Websites leads to the Australian Institue of Sport webpages on nutrition. is the Gatorade Sports Institute site which contains a number of scientific papers on hydration and sports nutrition.