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An photograph of Robin Dowswell of DrDobbiin.co.ukDrDobbin Nutrition, based near Milton Keynes, is run by Robin Dowswell and aims to encourage the adoption of healthier diets and lifestyles.

Why is nutrition important? Well, for most people a significant and permanent change to their diet can help them reach their optimal weight, reduce the possibility of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis, and also improve their current state of health, normally within the space of a few weeks or months.


DrDobbin Nutrition covers many aspects of diet and nutrition, including nutrition for health and nutrition for optimal sporting performance. Conditions such as diabetes, fertility, pregnancy, chronic fatigue and other many others can be addressed from a nutritional and lifestyle perspective. With regards to sporting performance, Robin's years of experience in the endurance sports of swimming, cycling and running give him a unique understanding of the nutrition required to achieve at the top level in sport.

Robin can provide one to one consultations, group talks and articles on a variety of nutrition related topics. We are located in Newport Pagnell which is just north of Milton Keynes, UK, just five minutes from junction 14 of the M1. 

Contact DrDobbin nutrition today to take the first steps to improving your mental and physical health permanently for the better.

Why Use a Nutritional Therapist?

  1. To reach your optimum weight.
    1. The DrDobbin Diet plan will ensure you stay healthy while adjusting your weight.
    2. The plan will be achievable as we’ll have discussed and agreed it together.
  1. To improve health.
    1. Diabetes, digestive complaints, hormonal health for men and women.
    2. These and many more are conditions that can be addressed by DrDobbin nutritional therapy.
  1. To get nutritional schedules for competition and training.
    1. Ironman and other event nutrition can be planned for.
    2. Lessons available in selecting sports nutrition products, making the correct strength drinks for the conditions and planning pre and post event nutrition.
  1. To get individualised advice
    1. A diet achieveable by you, planned to fit in with your needs whether they be time constraints, affordability, family considerations, work considerations or social life.
    2. Medicinal interactions with foods and supplements.

Surely I Can Do All This Myself?

Here are 4 questions that you might ask yourself when considering whether to consult Robin.

I can just reduce what I eat can’t I?

You could, but the truth is that it does not always work for weight loss, as different foods have different effects on the metabolism. Most people will find that eating carbohydrates or carbohydrates with fatty foods is a potent way to gain pounds while a more protein rich diet will restrict weight gain.

Doesn’t the doctor look after my health?

Doctors tend to look at your health only when you are ill. If you want to prevent yourself getting ill in the first place changing your diet is probably the number one priority.

Why not use my experience and that of my friends to plan race nutrition?

This could be a good strategy if it has worked before. Just be aware that if it hasn't worked before then it is highly likely it will fail you again. Also if it has worked before and you encounter different circumstances you could still come unstuck. It is worth having some idea how to adapt your nutrition to meet changing conditions

Why not get it off the web? Why not attend a DrDobbin talk and plan it from there?

I think the points I made while explaining why you need to get  individualised advice answer this. Basically the website or my talks can't take into account the important facts about your life that will determine how effective any given diet can be.

Latest Articles from Robin...

  • Dementia and Alzheimer's
    Dementia is a growing fact of life for many families throughout the world. As elderly relatives and their loved ones experience the sad decline we are left asking: what has caused this recent pandemic?
  • Lyme disease
    Lyme Disease is increasing in prevalence in both the UK and United States. Despite this, the level of knowledge about this condition within the health services is often very poor.
  • CBD oil – its uses and side effects
    CBD oil is big news lately, but does it provide all the benefits that are touted for it? Are there also any worrying side effects for this popular supplement?
  • The Flu Shot

    Should you take the flu shot this year - 2019? That is the question that many parents, over 50s and other people with a number of health conditions are asking themselves.

  • The endocannabinoid system
    To understand the new craze for CBD oil it is worthwhile understanding how it can affect your body. To do that you need to understand your endocannabinoid system.
  • Parkinson's disease
    Parkinson's disease affects nearly 150,000 people in the UK. Over your lifetime you will have a 1 in 40 chance of contracting this disease although a man's lifetime risk is about 50% greater than a woman's. There have been many studies suggesting links between environmental factors and Parkinson's showing that your individual risk of the disease can be altered by your lifestyle.
  • Understanding thyroid testing
    Hypothyroid symptoms such as cold extremities, thinning eyebrows and fatigue affect many people. The National Health Service however fails to diagnose most of these cases correctly, dismissing them as they don't satisfy enough of their strict criteria. The criteria need to be changed however to reflect the reality of thyroid disease.
  • Raynaud's disease
    Raynaud's disease causes cold, discoloured and sometimes numb digits and toes. It affects between 1 - 25% of people depending on the definition used. It can be a real pain for some people especially if it develops later in life as a result of another condition.
  • Multiple Sclerosis diets

    Multiple Sclerosis manifests itself over time with increasing muscle weakness and fatigue, which are for the majority the most disabling aspects of this condition.

  • Nutrition for Gymnastics
    Gymnastics is a sport which requires a range of nutritional strategies as it combines fast, high intensity workouts with the long endurance required to perform a number of routines throughout the day.