Health and Weight issues

"Hi Robin, Things are going very well at the moment, I’m now down to 92.1Kg and losing between 0.5kg and 1.2kg a week. Very happy with the progress so far, to a point where I believe I am happy to carry this on and don’t feel that another appointment is necessary at this point in time.

Thanks for your support as it has really helped and losing 12kg has been brilliant. If I feel that things are being to slide or I may need to take things in another direction then I will come straight back and make another appointment with you."


"Robin was very easy to work with and helped me overcome a long standing weight problem with a slow and steady approach which really worked."


"Robin completely changed how I feel and think about food. Initially I felt it challenging, but soon got into his way of thinking as I felt the benefits quickly and it only took 2 sessions!"


"I visited Dr Dobbin several weeks ago because I had lost a lot of weight due to loneliness, feeling lost etc. He helped me to prepare a list of nutritious food and balanced meals. I followed his advice and I began to put back the weight I had lost."


"Robin's provided an excellent service that is effective if stuck to, friendly and supporting. He provided help that would be useful whether you just want to loose weight, gain more energy, or in general just live a healthier life style. So it's something you can always go back to for any kind of advice as he has a wide range of knowledge.

He is very good at listening and giving individual advice to cater to your own individual needs or preference, to make it easy to keep to. I have been able to loose weight and keep it down. I have a lot more energy and in general have a much healthier life style and diet just with the knowledge I learned.
Would definitely advise giving him a go. And would always go back if I had any queries."

Sports performance

"Thank you Robin for your nutritional advice for my outlaw half race earlier in the year. Being my first middle distance triathlon I knew my stomach would be churning on race day but I took your advice and stuck to the fueling plan. Previous races during the run I had suffered from stomach upset but this time I felt good for the whole race and was really pleased with my finish time."


"Robin's advice was, and continues to be a big help to my running and triathlon training and racing. I am now better able to understand how to get the best out of my body in the lead up to big races. Very professional and highly recommended."


"Hi Robin, Just to let you know that I have been following the protein diet with good results. Completed the Leighton 10 run on Sunday with no vision problems and no complete exhaustion. Thanks."


"My 19 year old is a vegan who was training for his first marathon. With around 6 weeks to go he became very run down and stopped training. With Dr Dobbin's advice he added certain foods to his diet and was able to train again, leading to successful marathon completion."


"Robin is very clear about nutrition and how it can help with sports performance. I found him very pragmatic on diet and how it can be managed in a busy work schedule, it was a very useful consultation."  


"We made it Robin!!!!! :D:D. Thanks to all your excellent suggestions and indications and help...i finished it!!

and it was great!!! Final time was 12hours 43 minutes and 34 seconds. Much quicker than i expected really, 
but i followed your advices (sticking to what i tried while training) and all went as planned!"