Before the Consultation:

A client is expected to fill in a personal information sheet including a full medical history and a 3 or 7 day food diary prior to their initial consultation. A 7 day exercise diary is included for active sports people.

During the Consultation:

An in depth discussion with the client will lead to an agreed Health Improvement Action Plan that will normally be forwarded to the client soon after the consultation. Information supporting the plan will be provided as well. The consultation will normally be held in the clinic at Newport Pagnell just north of Milton Keynes. It is also possible to book a consultation using Skype or an afternoon 15:00-17:00 appointment at "Natural Lifestyles" health food shop in Newport Pagnell.

Follow up Consultations:

Follow up consultations are strongly advised so that the client can check their progress and make further improvements to their diet and lifestyle.

Book a consultation:

Please email a request for a consultation by clicking on the envelope mail


Payment must be made before completion of the consultation. Please make sure you have either paid beforehand or have enough cash/cheque book to ensure you can pay at the end of the consultation.

Initial consultation75 minutes£70 (£75 for card payments)
Follow up consultations60 minutes£50 (£55 for card payments)
Talks POA


What to expect:

I normally send out 2-3 documents to all my clients after each consultation. The Health Overview contains an account of the information I passed on to you during the consultation. This could be an explanation of your medical condition, how best to lose or gain weight, how different foods can affect your gut etc etc. The Health Improvement Action Plan contains your dietary and lifestyle  instructions going forward until your next consultation or in some cases for the rest of your life. Sometimes there is a Supplement Programme also which details any supplement we have agreed you need or in some cases a supplement protocol to address medical issues such as IBS or thyroid problems etc etc.

My philosophy is most closely approximated by the Paleo movement, who emphasize a diet that reflects what humans ate before the modern era as the most healthy way to eat. However, I am flexible in my approach and understand that everyone has unique needs both in terms of what their body needs and what they actually want.

For weight loss or weight gain I don't do calorie controlled diets. My reason is that in the long term it is too onerous for clients and the diet generally too restrictive. I give clients a range of choices for each meal or snack which can be anything from 1 to many. The idea is that by the end of the consultation you understand which foods fit your requirements and so can incorporate them into your meal plans even if I haven't mentioned them explicitly.