This section aims to give information about nutrition related websites, books, events and places.

Understanding Nutrition:

Articles that will help you understand the world of nutrition are included in this part of the website. Understanding the statistics behind food related headlines, the organisations that influence food policy in the UK etc etc.



There are thousands of websites that cover nutritional topics. However many of them are not worth looking at. Those websites that are worth looking at are identified below.

The Nutritionist Resource website at: has a plthora of information relating to nutrition. It also lists nutritionists throughout the country.

DrBriffa's "Good look at health" at:  has 3 new articles on health matters every week. Many of these cover nutrition related topics. Readers can comment on the blog.

Stephen Guyenet's "Whole health source" at: has regular articles from this American obesity researcher. Readers can comment on the blog.



As with the websites, so with the books. Below are some that I found to be informative and interesting.

Fats that Heal Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus. 1993 ISBN 0-920470-38-6 An in depth look at fats and their effects on us.

Health Defence by Dr Paul Clayton. 2001 ISBN 0-905553-63-2 An all round look at long term health from a nutritional perspective. Inflammation is a key theme.

Shopped by Joanna Blythman ISBN 0-00-715804-1. All about how supermarkets are not so super after all.



DrDobbin related events and other food and nutrition related events in the Milton Keynes area.



Natural Lifestyles in Newport Pagnell is a privately run health food shop. It is well stocked with quality supplements and various foodstuffs including gluten free, seeds, nuts etc etc.


Check under the "Don't miss..." heading below for more websites, books and events for particular nutritional topics.