Sports Nutrition Education

There are many useful resources that can be used to expand your knowledge of Sports nutrition. I list some of these below.


Optimum Sports NutritionDr Michael ColganA detailed look at Sports nutrition with quite a bit about muscle building. Endurance athletes should take a look also.
The complete guide to Sports nutritionAnita BeanA basic level book, useful if you are new to the subject. Has a section containing recipes.
Sports Nutrition GuidebookNancy Clark 
The cyclists Food GuideNancy Clark 
Sports NutritionAsker Jeukendrup / Michael Gleeson 
Advanced Sports NutritionDan BernardotA book covering most sports nutrition topics with an online version at:
Vegetarian Sports NutritionD. Enette Larson-MeyerBook written by an assistant Professor of Human Nutrition at University of Wyoming and Director of the Nutrition and Exercise Laboratory.
Performance Nutrition for Winter SportsMonique RyanA specialist angle on nutrition useful for all Winter Sports enthusiasts.
Thrive - Vegan Nutrition GuideBrendan BrazierOne man's unique vegan diet for elite endurance sport. He avoids the commercial powders and gels in favour of the blender and more natural healthfoods.


Although some of the links below are for commercial sports product companies I have only selected those that contain some meaningful content beyond that of merely promoting their own products. Gatorade Sports Science Institute Australian Institute of SportIncludes factsheets on carbohydrates and proteins as well as immune boosting foods, alcohol and iron levels. Also has factsheets on diabetes, gluten free and vegetarian diets nutrition for sport. Like they also have a section on supplements used in sports and which are worthwhile and which are not. World Anti-Doping AgencyIncludes up to date lists of all prohibited substances in sport. Lucozade sports science academyBasic guidelines for protein, carbohydrate and fluid ingestion as well as creatine and caffeine.  Includes links to a number of Lucozade sponsored research papers in abbreviated form.